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Songwriter, Vocalist. Poet & Electronic Music Composer

09.07.2023   |   3:00 pm

Copenhagen Jazz Festival  |   Støberiet

Copenhagen  |   Denmark




> New Release <  April 15th 2022

"Unafraid to merge any of the collaborative arts with her words, Iachino's poetry becomes all the more powerful."
- Mike Jurkovic /

”Anna Iachino is a musical genius and that probably wasn’t enough
for her as she was studying to get a master’s degree in music and was not afraid to try this new bombastic 70s rock sound. Her beautiful alto vocals are reminiscent of singers like Annie Lenox and Bonnie Tyler
but with a Rock twist on it that you will love.” 

- Akram Soliman / 

"One of the best and most brilliant EPs of the decade!  Audacious, intelligent and well done. We love creation, the idea is authenticity,
for us MonkeyRat came out of the sa
me and is a genius in the world
of Rock that r
esurrects with this new release." 
- Tati Teixeira /

"this shift from intensity in the song to edgy and chillingly nostalgic Rock N Roll laden with Feeling and Presence is almost as if you merged Rage Against The Machine, Black Sabbath, and Pekka Pohjola.  Extremely impressive what the guitar manages to emit, emotion along with Anna, what's most impressive is that everything was improvised and not written, I really want to hear them live. Anna Iachino and band are one geniuses."
- Jéssica Mar / 

"The Child" ft. Anna Sofía Skoradal

 > New Release <  March 18th 2022

”A beautiful breathy and jazzy number. Lead vocalist, Anna Sofía Skoradal absolutely carries this song with her classy jazz vocals. We were utterly blown away by Skoradal’s voice, especially her depth and control in the low notes. There were hints of Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald in places.” - SEND ME YOUR EARS

”An Electronic firecracker of rare beauty, where fantastic vocals lead a poetic narrative of the most vivid, permeating by elements of Bedroom-Pop, Synth-Pop, Ambient, Neo-Soul, Neo-Jazz. And it succeeds, because really the whole premise that drives “The Child ft. Anna Sofía Skoradal”, leads us to a universe of extreme sensitivity and beauty!”
- Alessandro Iglesias / ROADIE-MUSIC

“Introspective lyrics paint a picture of vulnerability. They’re poetic
and complement the airy vocal melodies perfectly. Floating almost ethereally overtop they elevated all the greatest aspects of the instrumental. Harmonies were rich and full, while still matching
the delicate tone. An absolutely gorgeous song that gets prettier
every new listen.”
- Tyler Roberts / RISING ARTISTS

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