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Songwriter, Vocalist. Poet & Electronic Music Composer

28.02.2024   |   8:00 pm
Open mic - hosts Anna Iachino & Arnold Ludvig

special guest - Piparstertur 


Tórshavn  |   Faroe Islands


ISOLATION - What a Crazy World 

Official Music Video

Out on October 20th!


visual artist:  María Pétursdóttir @ Imagine Videos, Reykjavík, Iceland 


canvas designer:  Sean Curtis Visuals, Honolulu, HI, USA 

artwork:  Andrei Bordeianu @ PsychoShadow Art, Ungheni, Moldova 



vocals/poem/lyrics/musical director:  Anna Iachino (Ca/It) based in FO

electric Fender bass:  Arnold Ludvig (Fo)

electric guitar:  Alain Apaloo (Tg) based in DK

drums:  Jens Stoklund (Dk)

More News:

Alain Apaloo, MonkeyRat's guitarist recently played with Eric Clapton and

Kurt Rosenwinkel, world-renowned jazz guitarist @ 

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in L.A. in September 2023. 🔥


U will get a chance to hear not one, but 2 spectacular guitar solos by Alain Apaloo on "Isolation" by MonkeyRat.



recording & mix:  Louise Nipper @ SoundScape Studio, Cph, Denmark 


mastering:  Óli Poulsen @ FIX-N-MIX, Copenhagen, Denmark 


label:  Tutl Records, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands 


Financial Support:

Mentannargrunnur Landsins

Torshavnar Kommuna

Sands Kommuna





"Unafraid to merge any of the collaborative arts with her words, Iachino's poetry becomes all the more powerful." 

 - Mike Jurkovic / ALL ABOUT JAZZ

”Anna Iachino is a musical genius and that probably wasn’t enough for her as she was studying to get a master’s degree in music and was not afraid to try this new bombastic 70s rock sound. Her beautiful alto vocals are reminiscent of singers like Annie Lenox and Bonnie Tyler but with a Rock twist on it that you will love.”  

- Akram Soliman / ROCK ERA MAGAZINE

"One of the best and most brilliant EPs of the decade!  Audacious, intelligent, and well done. We love creation, the idea is authenticity, for us MonkeyRat came out of the same box and is a genius in the world of Rock that resurrects with this new release."

- Tati Teixeira / INDIE CLOCK

"this shift from intensity in the song to edgy and chillingly nostalgic Rock N Roll

laden with Feeling and presence is almost as if you merged  Rage Against The Machine,

Black Sabbath, and Pekka Pohjola.  Extremely impressive what the guitar manages to emit, emotion along with Anna, what's most impressive is that everything was improvised and not written, I really want to hear them live. Anna Iachino and band are one genius."

- Jéssica Mar / HEAD BANGERS NEWS                                                         





Isolation forces beings become a whole as an entire One

Here’s a chance to get to know oneself, meet a stranger who happens to be u

I know it’s hard, I once lived on a rock, in the middle of the ocean

Was forced to face myself, meet someone I hardly knew

´Twas the best and worst thing that ever happened to me

The knowledge of self was the gift and opportunity

Isolation - time to live as One, as One nation, Isolation to Humanation


Distractions are now hard to come by

Be a magnet to yourself in your mind's eye

There’s so much gold in them their inner chills

Light the light inside your soul, be quiet, be still

No matter how small the man-made structure in this juncture has reduced our flame

My flame was reduced to a gas stove’s pilot light

Uncharted territory, unmapped, unseen was such a fright

I know it can be so dark in isolation when u don’t know who u are

How can u love someone u don’t even know, so close and yet so far

But that’s the beauty of it, it’s all about getting to know one with love

As u finally are faced with four walls, let them burst the flames of your creation

Isolation to creation

No more indignation

No more mass incarceration

No more divided nations

Divide and conquer

Divide and con me and u and him and her

Indoctrination and separation


As they rule

Made us all out to be fools

Define and take your own space

Let no one and no thing interfere

There is only love and fear

As we face ourselves, face to face

Know that we are One, the human race


Forget the lines, the man-made maps

Look at all the man-made crap

All them man-made facts

Generational gaps and man-made mishaps


Oil spills

As man kills

Everything in sight


Wars ignited

Set all aflame

Like Hitler's and Nero's man-made fires

The USA, all man-made empires


What a crazy world

What a crazy world

What a crazy world

What a crazy world




The only way out

Is within

By: Anna Iachino

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